Save a lot of money with the tax deduction

Do you consider having private cleaning – save a lot of money on the cleaning
The tax deduction is now increased dramatically – which means that you can save 35% on the cleaning prices.
From January 2021 the tax deduction is increased dramatically to 25.000 DKK per year – per person 18 years of age or more, registered on the address.

If your residence is e.g. 70 square meters, a cleaning costs 455 DKK. – but with the tax deduction the price will only be 300 DKK. The price is inclusive VAT, all cleaning products, cleaning equipments and transportation.

How do I register for the tax deduction?
You only have to register the tax deduction at your tax return –read about it here √

Examples of cleaning services the tax deduction covers

  • Vacuuming and floor wash
  • Dusting of all kinds of surfaces
  • Dusting of stove and exterior dusting of closets and drawers in the kitchen
  • Sanitary cleaning of toilet, bath cabin, shelves, mirrors etc.
  • And much more …

Can everyone register for the deduction?
Whether you rent the residence or own the residence, you can register for the deduction. The criteria is only that you are registered on the address and that you are 18 years of age or more.
And you don’t have to obtain an approval of the cleaning. When you choose a registered cleaning company like ServiceHuset, the process is easy and without any documentation or administrative requirements.

Cohabiting can split the deduction
If you are e.g. students who share the same residence, you can split the deduction between you. You only have to remember to pay electronically – so that the payment can be documented. That way you cannot pay in cash. It is also important to know that you have to be registered on the address.

DYou can read more here habout the tax deduction.