The man behind ServiceHuset

My name is Steen Theill and I was self-employed February 1., 1990.

In the beginning I cleaned primarily for kinder gardens, small offices and supermarkets – and after some time I hired the first part time employee, and yet another employee the year after. Step by step the company grew bigger.

In 1993 the government introduced the so-called ‘home service scheme’ (tax deduction) which really boosted the business’ development – and a couple of years ahead the company grew to more than 25 employees, with a focus on private cleaning. The ‘home service scheme’ has been canceled and resumed through the years many times, depending on different governments.

Today we employ approximately 130 cleaning assistants and administrative staff – and we deliver approximately 80.000 cleanings per year.

What is it that we can?
We continuously focus on private cleaning – and thereby we have optimized our work flow and quality. We know that many families – especially families with children – need a helping hand with the cleaning, and we love the fact that we make a positive difference in the families’ lifes.

We have also developed on the quality in connection to the cleaning assistants – aiming for the best working environment as possible, offering good training and cooperation with the office.

The team behind me
I am very fortunate to have a strong team behind me – taking good care of our customers. From the first day the customer books a cleaning, to the day the customer signs up for a cleaning contract. Furthermore I have a strong team of administrative staff who takes care of finances, marketing and IT. And not least ServiceHuset employs very experienced and dedicated cleaning assistants who deliver professional and thorough cleaning every day.

We employ approximately 120 cleaning assistants.

It is important for us that you feel safe
You will have the same cleaning team coming to your home, unless the assistant calls in sick, plans a vacation etc. – and you want a replacement. The assistants carry company clothing and all cars have the logo of ServiceHuset on the side. That way you and your neighbors can identify who arrives at your address. If something is broken in your home under the cleaning of your home, all our cleaning assistants are insured.
All assistants of course have a clean criminal record throughout their employment of ServiceHuset.

Our quality consultant
ServiceHuset’s quality consultant makes sure that all new cleaning assistants receive professional training – and we thereby ensure high quality and clear working methods. It is important for us that you are a satisfied customer – and that you have a positive contact with the cleaning team. You are always more than welcome to contact us if you have questions, comments or wishes in connection to the cleaning.

Keys and alarms
When you deliver your key to us, we of course give you a receipt – and we always keep your keys in a secure and anonymous system. That way your address will never be associated with your keys.

We use climate-friendly cleaning products
We only use degradable and climate-friendly cleaning products. The cleaning assistants will bring the most common cleaning products and materials. If you have special wishes in connection to the cleaning, you can always place your own cleaning products in your kitchen, and the assistants will make sure to use them when cleaning your home.

Green Smiley from the Danish Working Environment authority

A Green Smiley represents a business with a good working environment.
We want our employees to be happy when going to work – and we want satisfied customers.
We have an ambition to be the country’s most happy company.

ServiceHuset Green Smiley