The man behind ServiceHuset

My name is Steen Theill and I was self-employed the 1. of February 1990.

In the beginning I worked primarily with supermarkets, kindergardens and small offices – and a year later I employed my first employee on parttime, and yet another employee a year later. Step by step my business was growing larger.

In 1993 the government introduced the so-called artisan deduction which really made a positive change for the business – and in the following years my business had more than 25 employees – with a clear focus on private cleaning. The deduction system has been changed and cancelled many times through the years.

Today ServiceHuset has more than 80 professional cleaning assistants and administrative staff √

What is it that ServiceHuset can offer?
We have kept our core area though the years – namely private cleaning – and have thereby optimized our workflow and quality. We know that many families – especially families with children – needs a helping hand with the cleaning tasks, and we are happy that we can make a positive difference for them by cleaning their homes beautifully and thoroughly.

It has also beenvery important for us to optimize our quality standards in connection to our cleaning assistants, so that they have good and healthy working conditions, good training and salary – plus efficient guidance and support from the head office.

The team behind me
I am so fortunate to have strong team leaders behind me who guarantee that our customers experience a good and professional ‘purchase travel’. Furthermore I have a team at the office who solve all administrative tasks – and last but not least ServiceHuset has a team of very competent assistants who every day deliver thorugh and professional cleaning services.

We have more than 80 assistants in ServiceHuset

rengøringshjælp ServicehusetIt is important to us that you feel safe and satisfied
You will have the same team coming to your home, time after time, with the exception of illness, holiday periods etc. The assistants will carry uniforms from ServiceHuset and arrive with ServiceHuset’s logo on the car. That way your neighbors and others can clearly see where the assistants come from. If the assistant breaks something, against expectations, all assistants of course have insurances.

All assistants furthermore have clean criminal records, all through their employment in ServiceHuset.

Our quality consultant 
Our quality consultant trains all new assistants and thereby ensures high quality standards. It is important for us that you are a satisfied customer, that you thrive by the contact with the assistants – and you are always more than welcome to contact us!

Keys and alarms
When you give us your keys, you will receive a receipt from us – and we will register your key under an anonymous number.

We prioritize using climate-friendly cleaning products
We expect much from the products we use, and that the products are climate-friendly and degradable. Our assistants bring all materials and cleaning products – and if you want us to use special products, just place them at your table, and we will remember to use them.

Green Smiley from the Danish Labor Inspectorate

  • A Green Smiley means that we have a healthy and good working environment.
    It is important for us that our employees experience a good working environment and that our employees thrive when going to work – as it is important for us that are customers are satisfied and experience a good contact with the cleaning assistants.
    We have a clear ambition on being the country’s happiest workplace!

    Servicehuset Grøn Smiley

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