See below what is included in the price?

When you choose ServiceHuset as your cleaning provider, you will have much more than the cleaning itself. You get, among other things:

  • A cleaning provider with more than 30 years of experience
  • An administrative staff that ensures you coordination of the cleaning agreement etc.
  • A Quality Inspector who will guarantee you a thorough and good cleaning
  • Transparent prices calculated on the basis of square meters – and not time.
  • Your Page on ServiceHuset’s website – that you can always log into to see your cleaning agreement, changes, invoices etc.
  • A contact person – whom you can always contact
  • Your own cleaning team – meaning that the same team will arrive at your home every time

AND the price includes EVERYTHING. No extra fees and payments. The price includes
VAT, all cleaning products, cleaning equipment, transportation etc.
You can of course also purchase additional services in connection to the cleaning.

Quality is not about time – but about your SATISFACTION

The cleaning teams typically have many years of experience, cleaning private homes – and therefore the teams work much faster than you and I would be able to do. All cleaning teams implement ServiceHuset’s certification program, so we ensure high quality cleaning.

For the same reason we don’t measure the quality of the cleaning based on the number of minutes the teams spend cleaning in your home – but only on the RESULT. In other words: We are only satisfied if YOU are a satisfied customer of ServiceHuset.

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A basic cleaning includes:

  • Vacuuming and wash of all floors – as well as vacuuming of all panels and fabric furnitures
  • Dusting of all horisontal and accesible surfaces: tables, window sills, bookcases etc.
  • Cleaning of bathrooms and toilets
  • Cleaning of kitchen: kitchen sink and wiping of closets/drawers/stove/extractor hood

The basic cleaning is only a suggestion – and you can always supply with extra cleaning hours for ironing, change of linen etc.Extra cleaning hours costs 225,- DKK per half hour. If you want to make a list of demands and wishes in connection to the cleaning, we will just find a price per hour together.