Who is it that comes to your home and do the cleaning?

Who is it that you welcome to your home?

It could for ecsample be Pernille, Safiqul, Elvira or Laura. Our assistants come primarily in teams of two – and often times they are a married couple.

It is important to us that you feel safe
All our cleaning assistants have a pure criminal record – from day 1 .. and all through their employment in ServiceHuset.
We will sent the same cleaning assistant or cleaning team, everytime you need cleaning – with the exception of illness, vacation periods etc. In these cases we will offer you a replacement. The cleaning assistants wear company clothes and their cars will have logos on, so that you and your neighbors can see who we are.
⇒ Our quality consultant will join new cleaning assistants to ensure a professional cleaning in your home.
If something should go wrong while cleaning in your home, all assistants have of course insurances.

Keys and alarms
When giving us your key, we will give you a receipt and register your key without your address and place it with an anonymous number.

Climate–friendly cleaning products
We only use climate-friendly and degradable cleaning products.
We bring all cleaning products when coming to your home. If you want us to use special products, you are more than welcome to place them at your table – and we will be sure to clean with them.

I want you to give me a non-binding offer on cleaning √

This section is number 3 of our 6-stage rocket:

  1. Who are we? / How can we give you more time to do the things you want the most?
  2. Who are you? / What can we offer you?
  3. Who are your cleaning assistants? /What can they help you with?
  4. Hear what our customers say
  5. Remember the artisan deduction – and have every fourth cleaning free of charge
  6. Let us give you a non-binding offer on cleaning– and spend your time on the things you want the most

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