We share our cleaning tips with you. Give the page a look once in a while, as we insert tips on an ongoing basis.

Tips & tricks no. 1: Your shoes smell badly? Then place your shoes in the freezer when you go to sleep. The freezing cold will remove the bacteria.
Tips & tricks no. 3:Tired of calcium on your glasses and plates? Pour fresh lemon juice over the stains – then the acid from the lemon will do the job.
Tips & tricks no. 5: Rust stains on the cutlery? Pour ketchup on the stains – then the high acid content will counteract the rust.
Tips & tricks no. 7: Your wine glasses have become dull to look at? Bath them in vinegar for 10 minutes and give them a good cloth. Cheers from ServiceHuset.
Tips & tricks no. 9: You want to bath in a clean bathtub? Make a mix of warm water, baking soda and vinegar.
Tips & tricks nr. 11: Do you want a fresh indoor climate, we have a good tip for you here.
Tips & tricks nr. 13: You don’t like spiders in your home? We have a tip for you.
Tips & tricks nr. 15: Did you know that your keyboard probably is full of bacteria? Get a good tip here.
Tips & tricks nr. 17: Christmas decorations all over the place, in christmas time? Do yourself a favor and run a cloth before decorating.
Tips & tricks no. 2: Has your sofa made marks in your carpet? Place ice cubes on the marks – the freezing cold water causes the fibers to rise again.
Tips & tricks no. 4: Don’t underestimate microfiber cloths – they can absorb really much water and the cloths are super easy to wash.
Tips & tricks no. 6: Have you heard of Aloe Vera? The plant produces extraordinarily much oxygen and clean the air.
Tips & tricks no. 8: The window in your fireplace needs cleaning? Dip a damp newspaper in the ashes. Rub in circular motions on the window.
Tips & tricks no. 10: Streaks on your windows? Then look forward to the rain – the water contains much less calcium than in our tap water.
Tips & tricks nr. 12: You wish your cool sneakers could be all white again?
Tips & tricks nr. 14: Too much calcium in your toilet? Mix 1 part vinegar and 2 parts dishwashing liquid.
Tips & tricks nr. 16: Stearin on the tablecloth? Get a good and easy tip here.
Tips & tricks nr. 18: Do you have a dog that hates fireworks? Then read here how to minimize the problem.